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Food Industry Pest Control

Food Industry

The food and drink industry contributes £28.8 billion to the UK economy, it employs 400,000 people, and 97% of businesses in the sector are small to medium enterprises. So imagine a situation where you have an infestation of pests that could potentially get into your products, make your customers ill and damage your reputation. It would be catastrophic. 


Why do you need pest control?

Insects, rodents and birds can contaminate food and work surfaces with their urine, droppings and hairs. These contain potentially harmful pathogens that can spread diseases like E. coli and Salmonella. Whole batches of food can be destroyed, rejected by quality control, or recalled if contamination is found. 


Compliance with the law

You need to protect your business from pests so that you meet your requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. Failure to comply often results in prosecution and hefty fines, and your reputation might not recover. 

How we can help

Contego offer a comprehensive pest control service for the food industry including;

  • Rodent prevention, control and proofing work
  • Insect prevention and control
  • Bird proofing works, trapping and eradication programmes
  • Biologist/Technical inspections and reporting service
  • Supply and service of Electronic Fly Killers
  • Supply and fitting of insect screens for doors and windows
  • Leading specialist pest control and auditing services specifically tailored to your site needs and audit criteria
  • Specialist pest control and auditing: BRC, AIB, TESCO, Marks & Spencer


What you can expect from us

A Contego biologist will visit your site and inspect every aspect of your current pest control measures. They’ll identify any potential proofing and housekeeping issues on your site and they’ll provide you with a comprehensive written report for your records. 


Our Biologists can be used on a consultancy basis where you already have a pest control service but you require independent inspections as part of your accreditation status. 


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Barcoded Inspection Point For Detailed Reporting

Barcoded inspection points and high level detailed reporting

Pest Control
Pest Control From Contego

A dynamic, innovative, and responsive approach to pest control. Contego are one of the leading specialist bird and pest control businesses in the UK. We deliver high-quality pest control services to commercial clients nationwide, from Aberdeen to London. Our clients include global brands in the food and retail industry, as well as industrial parks and football stadiums. 


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Pest Control From Contego



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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 

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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly.