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Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing

Unrivalled Expertise  

Contego bird proofing and projects division is headed up by our National Head of Projects Manager Jonathan Taylor BSc (Hons)

We have unrivalled in house experience in proofing buildings against pest birds such as pigeons, gulls and starlings. 

We have over the years have worked on a large number of highly complex sites including rail platforms, power stations, petrol stations, chemical plants as well as hundreds of supermarket stores. 



Every site is different - We think outside the box


Every proofing system and combination is always taken to account when we survey site and prepare our recommendations.  

Each site is surveyed either on-site or via architect drawings. Our estimators and surveyors will then draw up plans and options to ensure that the system not only protects your premises from pest birds but also fits in with your requirements for access and aesthetics.  

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Understanding Bird Behaviour 

Contego has a vast amount of experience proofing buildings and working with birds (also training and management). 

We understand site bird pressure, key sites and possible displacement. 

We will provide you with a bird-proofing solution that is: 

  • Robust 
  • Cost effective 
  • Long lasting  
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Meets your requirements for access

Proofing Systems  

At Contego we provide a whole range of bird proofing & pest proofing solutions.

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Netting (19mm,50mm,75mm)
  • Post & Wire
  • Avi Shock
  • Bird Gel
  • Weld Mesh
  • Laser deterrents 
  • Bio Acoustic systems 

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Gull Netting

Large roof net installed by Contego to prevent Gull roosting and breeding.



Our in house construction project estimation team works extensively with the construction industry. We work with a broad spectrum of companies from Architects at concept stage, key contractors and independents to the biggest companies in the industry. 

At Contego we provide a whole range of bird proofing & pest proofing solutions.

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Netting
  • Post & Wire
  • Avi Shock
  • Bird Gel
  • Mesh

We have our own in house bird and pest proofing installation teams, providing national coverage. We also have a dedicated cleaning team providing buildings cleans. (environmental)

  • Builders Cleans
  • Sparkle Clean
  • Jet Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gully Cleaning
  • Guano Removal

The ability to provide multiple services to the client helps in the smooth running and easy management of your project. One company, multiple service. Find out how we can help you. Contact us

Contego is a full member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), SafeContractor and Chas. All our operatives undergo extensive health and safety training and hold as a standard CSCS, IPAF & PASMA training cards.

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Case Studies

bird proofing at supermarket 19mm

Bird netting installed

As part of a major re-development of ASDA, Eastlands Contego were appointed to conduct the bird netting on the project. The project was completed in two phases, phase 1 – removal of all old netting (two front entrance canopies & side canopy – as pictured above). The old netting was removed to allow for decoration works to be conducted. Phase 2 was the installation of new wire system in which new white 19mm netting was re-installed to the areas over 1500SQM.


All works were completed on time and ready for the store hand over in July 2016.


Full RAMS and work plans were provided to the client prior to work.


store pest proofing

Pest proofing

Contego were appointed to conduct pest proofing works at ASDA Blackburn.


The scope of works included, installation of metal sheeting to fence line (approx. 110m) The sheets are installed as a preventative measure to stop rodent ingress. Each sheet was dug down 300mm into the ground then back filled.


The removal of old batter through doors was also required with new doors installed. The framework around the door was then pest proofed using checker plate. The areas above the doors were proofing using 19mm black bird netting to stop access into the warehouse area by pest birds.


All work was completed on schedule.  

Roof Net For Asda In Carlisle

Roof Net - ASDA - Carlisle

As part of a store refresh scheme Contego were appointed to conduct the bird netting at ASDA Carlisle in August 2016.

Our National project manager, Jonathan Taylor oversaw the project from start to finish. Jonathan consulted with the main contractor on the best and most cost-effective solution to ensure that the roof space was protected from pest birds. It was quickly identified that the previous netting which had been installed by another contractor had become damaged due to the lack of supporting posts and wires across the netted area. Thus, additional posts and wires were required to bring the netting up to standard.


Project Outline

Removal of old damaged netting from main roof, high roof and lower roof levels

Installation of additional 30nr two meter supporting posts across the roof.

Installation of new 2mm stainless steel wire frame/supporting fixings

New netting to the main roof area to protect plant equipment

New netting to high level roof area which had become damaged due to strong winds/lack of supporting wires

Prior to work commencing onsite full RAMS and final survey was conducted to ensure that all nesting birds had fledged from the area.

All work was completed on schedule and on budget.

If you would like to know more about this project or have a project which rquires bird proofing please contact Contego for expert advice and guidence.

anti gull netting

Stagecoach - Protected

Contego were approached by stagecoach to provide a netting solution to prevent access to their roof by gulls, the bus works depot had been used by a large number of gulls as a breeding site for many years. Following the installation of a new metal skin roof Contego were called to provide a solution to prevent the gulls returning.

Contego specified a full roof net around 5500m2 using 75mm x 75mm netting supported on 2m high free standing posts to protect roof from roosting and nesting gulls. Installation was completed over a three week long period using a team of up to 4 operatives. MEWP’s were used to gain access to working area with staging board placed over skylight to ensure installation team safety.

A full gutter clean was carried out prior to netting.

Full RAMS and work plan was provided to the client prior to work could be carried out. We had to work closely with the depot to ensure that our movements with the machines did not interfere with their day to day operations.

Warehouse Bird Netting

19mm Warehouse Netting

Contego recently installed 19mm bird netting to new warehouse canopy to prevent pest birds from roosting/nesting. The two man contego team installed the 600SQM worth of 19mm netting over three days.

The installation of stainless steel fixings every 300mm to support the 2mm stainless steel wire frame was used to support the 19mm netting. All work was conducted from MEWP's


Bird Proofing Using Avi Shock

Bird Proofing - Avi Shock

Contego recently installed approx. 200meters of Avi-shock on a hospital in the North East of England as part of some recent construction works.

The installation took place over two days in which technicians used both onsite latch ways system and MEWP's to gain access to the working areas.

The Avi-shock system is extremely low profile and provides an alternative option to more traditional proofing system such as bird spikes and post/wire systems.

If you have any bird proofing requirements please call our office on 0800 028 7111 for some expert advice


Bird Proofing For Service Yard Gates

Bird Proofing - Bird Netting

Contego recently were asked by a large national supermarket chain to help protect one of their service yards from pest birds.

The project involved alterations to the existing service yard gates. A new 100mm x 100m goal post, along with an internal frames ware installed. This provided the structure for the bird netting to be attached to. Bespoke brackets were also installed around the perimeter of the service year to help support the stainless steel wire frame work.

50mm bird netting to protect against pigeons and sea gulls.

If you would like to know more about this project or any others please call our HQ on 0800 028 7111

Bird Proofing - Roof Netting - Pigeons - North East

Contego were asked to help with ongoing pigeon issues on a Heron and Post Office store in the North East. 

The pigeons were using the roof as a day / night time roosting spot. Due to the number of pigeons using the area pigeon guano was a concern due to the health and safety risks associated with guano.

Contego installed bespoke brackets to clear the facias and to provide enough clearance from the roof. 50mm black pigeon netting was installed to eliminate the area as a roosting spot for the pigeons.

A two man Contego team completed the work from a MEWP's, ensuring that the working area was completely in accessible to members of the public whilst conducting the work.

The final result due to the installation of the roof net is that the area is now free and clear of pigeons. 


If you would like to know more about this project or any others please call our HQ on 0800 028 7111




Bird Netting - Plant Area - 50mm Netting - Pigeons

Contego has recently completed a large open plan plant area. Approx. 50M X 30M

The works were completed as part of a new office building in central Aberdeen.

The installation of free standing posts were required in order to support the 2mm stainless steel wire frame. 

50mm bird netting was used to prevent access to the plant area by pigeons / gulls. 

Due to the works being part of a construction project all technicians onsite were required to hold CSCS, IPAF, PASMA, Working at Height and First Aid Certs to complete the work.




19 Bird Netting - Canopy

Contego were asked to prevent birds (pigeons, starlings) from roosting under front canopies.

19mm bird netting was installed to prevent further access to the area by the best birds.

The installation was conducted via MEWP's and the working area around the canopies were blocked off using chapter 8 barriers

Full RAMS / work plan was presented to the client prior to work commencing onsite.



19mm Bird Netting - Warehouse - National Supermarket

Contego recently completed the pest / bird proofing on a new supermarket on the Isle of Wight.

The scope of works included bird netting in the main warehouse, click and collect canopy, home shopping canopy, bird spikes to store perimeter and car park lights.

Due to work being completed on a live construction site Contego operatives were required to hold relevant safety cards.

CSCS, IPAF, PASMA, Working at Height, First Aid.

Full RAMS / work plan was presented to the client prior to work commencing onsite.

If you would like to know more about this project or any others please call our HQ on 0800 028 7111




Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 

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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly.