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Pests - Separating the Myths from The Facts
Pests Separating the Myths from The Facts

Going about our day to day work we hear a lot of rumours surrounding pests and the best way to get rid of them, a lot of which are untrue, so we wanted to clear up some of the myths surrounding pests and provide you with the cold hard facts.

  1. Mice love cheese – MYTH!

Contrary to popular beliefs and what we have learnt from cartoons, mice are actually more partial to sugary foods such as biscuits, cereal and even chocolate, so next time you set a mouse trap it might be worth trying some different bait.

  1. Cockroaches can live without food – FACT!

Cockroaches can live up to a month without the need for food. They are also able to survive up to a week without their heads, this is due to them having open circulatory systems which means the head isn’t a necessity for them to be able to survive.

  1. Rats are unhygienic – MYTH!

Whenever we think of rats we picture them running through sewers and being dirty but rats actually spend up to 60% of their time cleaning themselves and other rats around them showing that they are actually rather clean.

  1. Cockroaches can eat almost anything – FACT!

Cockroaches carry bacteroides in their bodies which provides them with all of the nutrition and vitamins they need allowing them to eat anything they want without the need for any nutritional values. This means they can happily eat items such as soap, leather and glue to name a few things.

  1. Bed Bugs are only found in cheap accommodation – MYTH!

A bed bug infestation isn’t related to the cleanliness of a home or hotel, they enjoy a touch of luxury as well and can be found anywhere. They are happy to live near any bed where there is a supply of food available (human blood) and hotels and hostels are more likely to be infected due to the number of people passing through them and not the cleanliness of the room.

  1. Mice don’t need to drink water – FACT!

Most species of mice are able to get the water they need to survive from their food even if they are only eating dry food.

  1. Wasps nests can be destroyed with water – MYTH!

The likelihood is that if you try and destroy a wasp’s nest by pouring water on it the most that is going to happen is that you end up getting badly stung as all you are going to do is make the wasps angry.

  1. You can keep flies away using bags of water – FACT!

This tactic comes in very useful when you are wanting to keep a smaller number of flies away without the need for chemicals. The light will reflect on the water which in turn confuses the flies and is enough to repel them.

  1. Boiling water destroys ants – MYTH!

Pouring boiling water on an ant hill or infestation will kill the ants that are immediately exposed, however, by the time the water reaches the Queen and the rest of the colony the water won’t be boiling so therefore it won’t be effective in clearing the infestation.

  1. Ants love sugar – FACT!

Ants are attracted to substances that are sweet, however they will also eat almost anything that is edible.

We hope that these examples of common myths and facts have cleared up any misconceptions that you have about pests and infestations. It is important that you tackle a pest infestation as quickly as possible so if you find that your home or workplace has become residency for pests then make sure you get in touch with us here at Contego to ensure that the issue is dealt with correctly and efficiently through our effective methods of pest control.

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