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For Covid-19 deep clean and fogging services, call us today 0800 028 7111 As key workers, we continue to service businesses across the UK.


How much do Contego's services cost?

This depends on the scale of the problem; however, our clients find our services incredibly cost effective when they’re offset against the money they save on building repair, health and safety, and loss of earnings from having to temporarily cease their business operations or even close down. Many of our clients also benefit, from A PR point of view, from the fact that we take a natural, humane approach to pest control as opposed to using lethal, destructive techniques.


Could I get a free survey?

A free survey is carried out on both commercial and domestic properties. Depending on the infestation, small pest problems can be successfully identified, and the solution diagnosed with a telephone call. However, a major pest infestation needs a more in-depth survey to carefully analyse the root of the problem and find an appropriate and cost-effective treatment. So, however comprehensive your survey might be, it will be completely free.


What if I don’t control a rat problem, what damage can they do?

Rats are transmitters of Weil’s Disease which is carried in their urine. It enters the body through cuts or abrasions on the skin, and it causes flu-like symptoms. If the disease is not recognised and treated quickly, it can prove to be fatal.


What birds are protected against control?

All birds, and their nests and eggs are protected by law so it’s an offence, with certain exceptions, to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird, or damage the nest. If you try to control birds yourself, you could fall foul of the law. 

Trust the professionals when it comes to bird control. We understand the behaviour of, and deal with the exceptions to the law, such as Crows, Collard Dove, Canada Geese, Greater Black- Backed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Jackdaws, Jays, Magpies, Feral Pigeons, Rooks, House Sparrows, Starlings and Wood Pigeons.

Ground nesting birds such as Skylarks and Lapwings are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The act states that these birds cannot be disturbed during their nesting period which is between March and July, so we employ bird scaring techniques at nesting sites before they being to nest so they don’t settle. 

If you are unable to find what you need on our website, you can talk directly to your local bird or pest control expert.

To contact us, or to book an appointment, you can email or speak directly to your local area manager for a quote, advice or recommendations - call 0800 028 7111.

Our local area managers are highly experienced, BPCA qualified, professional and reliable. 




Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 

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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly.