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environmental cleaning

We understand that you want your business premises to be clean and safe, not only to help you meet your legal obligations but so that the health of your employees is not put at risk and you give the right impression to clients and customers. 

Contego is a leading environmental services provider and we offer a range of specialist solutions to help keep your site safe and hygienic. ​

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environmental cleaning


Guano removal:

A build-up of fouling and nesting materials not only looks unsightly, but it’s also a health and safety risk. Fouling on paths and walkways can be very slippery and it also contains pathogens that can cause serious illnesses. We provide a professional cleaning and treatment service, supported by bird control advice where necessary. 


Graffiti removal:

Cleaning up graffiti costs the UK around £1 billion per year. It also creates a negative perception of an area. If your business premises are targeted, the graffiti will not only affect the appearance of your property, it also gives a bad impression to clients and customers. 

Deterrents may not be completely successful, so prompt removal of the graffiti is your best bet. The Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 states that the person responsible for the surface where the graffiti occurs is accountable for the cost of removing it.

We use specialist techniques and chemicals to remove all types of graffiti from different surfaces including limestone, sandstone, brickwork, plastic signage, perspex, motor vehicles, heritage buildings and monuments. Our removal techniques won’t damage delicate surfaces and we can also remove graffiti at height.  


Gulley, gutter and roof cleaning:

If you have an infestation of nuisance birds, the chances are their nest building materials, feathers, and fouling will block gutters and downcomer pipes which can cause leaks and floods. Bird fouling also contains a corrosive acid which can damage roofs and buildings, leading to potentially expensive repairs. 

We clear gutters of debris, sludge, and plant growth to prevent flooding. No matter how difficult your roof areas is to access, we can help. We are experts in accessing hard to reach areas using ropes and access platforms. Cleaning work can be provided as part of a regular treatment programme or as a one-off, and bird control measures can also be implemented where necessary. 

External cleaning:

If you take pride in your business premises, so will your employees. If your premises are clean, safe, and presentable, you’ll make a good impression on clients and customers too. 

If you hire us to carry out external cleaning of your premises, you can expect the best service from dedicated highly-trained operatives who are familiar with your site and your needs. Operatives will attend your site to carry out cleans of the car parks, access and service roads, service bays, and landscaped areas. We also provide a range of supporting services for your site including pest control, jet washing, and litter picking.


We can provide a comprehensive environmental cleaning service to meet your needs, no matter how complex, and no matter how tight your deadlines. 

Our in-house project estimators and project managers will ensure that any clean-up work is completed on time and within budget. 


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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 

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