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Bird Control

Bird Control
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Does your business have a problem with nuisance birds? The springtime brings the beginning of the breeding season for pests like gulls, and the influx of problem birds is bad news for your business premises.

How we can help

Contego are renowned within the pest control industry as being one of the UK’s leading specialist bird control companies. Our growing team of trained and accredited specialists deliver a range of specialist bird prevention and control techniques to businesses across the UK, from international stadiums, hospitals, docks, and schools, to warehouses and supermarkets.

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Roof damage

Bird droppings, known as guano, contain acid which can erode your roof and leave you with an expensive repair bill.

Damage to cars and machinery

The corrosive effects of the guano can also damage industrial machinery and cars.

Health problems

Bird droppings contain bacteria that can be dangerous to humans, as they have the potential to cause serious illness.

Noise and aggressive behaviour

Nesting birds, especially gulls can be noisy as they fight for food and the best nesting spots, and they can also be aggressive when they’re protecting their offspring.

What should I do?

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to nuisance birds, so it’s a good idea to bird-proof your premises before the breeding season begins. If you already have a bird problem, we can help.

The problems we see:

We encounter a host of problems caused by nuisance birds including:

  • Pigeon infestations in warehouses
  • Aggressive gull behaviour during breeding season - (March to September)
  • Large build-up of nesting materials and guano on premises Ground nesting birds on development projects Canada geese fouling on lawns and amenity areas
  • Noise issues
Bird Control
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We use our in-house bird of prey teams of over 60 hawks and falcons to unsettle nuisance birds and to force them to nest elsewhere.

Nest management:

If birds have already began to nest, we can remove the nest and block their access points, so they won’t be able to return to your premises.

Professional fouling removal:

We provide cleaning and treatment services to remove guano and leave areas clean and hygienic.

Bird proofing systems:

We use bird spikes and netting to prevent birds from accessing your roof.

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What you can expect from us

Our technicians are trained to the highest service and safety standards, so you can always expect the job to be done well, and to be done safely. We will always advise you on the best course of action for your site, and we can deal with any type of bird control issue.

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