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Waste Sites Bird and Pest Control

Waste Sites Bird and Pest Control

Pest control at waste transfer stations and landfill sites close to residential areas is challenging and necessary. Pests like gulls and rodents are always looking for sources of food, so the waste food and other items we throw away will attract them in numbers. 


Where there’s waste, there’s bacteria, and landfill and other waste sites can harbour harmful bacteria. When pests like birds, flies, and rodents feed on waste, they can spread potentially harmful diseases such as salmonella and e-coli which are a risk to human health. 


How we can help 

We can offer some great solutions. We are one of the leaders in providing landfill bird and pest control solutions in the UK. We have many years of experience of working with both national and local waste management companies in almost every situation you can imagine, including:

  • Densely populated urban sites
  • Coastal landfill sites
  • Coastal waste transfer stations 
  • Abandoned waste sites

Our vast experience and knowledge of bird and pest behaviour means that we understand what you need, and we know you need us to be responsive and proactive. 


Our solutions are aimed at:

  • Bird Control: Using deterrents and falconry
  • Insect monitoring and control 
  • Rodent monitoring and control: Using fast-acting poisons and trapping. 


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Pest Control For Waste Sites

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Case Studies

Landfill fly control

Landfill Insect Control

Contego provide specialist insect control for a number of waste sites in Yorkshire and across the UK. Insect monitoring across the site gives the clients the evidence they require for the EA and SEPA. Contego trained technicians monitor and provide expert guidance for the sites, training staff members in best practice as well as providing thermal fogging and powered knapsack treatments on site.

waste transfer station pest control

Keeping sites compliant

Pest control compliance is part of a waste management companies site operational licencing requirements. Contego help a number of sites in and around London to keep up to date with legislation, control and advice. We provide practical site solutions and advice to help reduce pest levels before they become a nuisance for local residents. Carrying out monitoring techniques, staff training, EA support and a range on targeted pest control services keeping sites compliant.

landfill bird control

Landfill Bird Control

Providing specialist bird control services to landfills in not an easy task, defending a site during operational hours against hungry scavenging gulls on what is effectively an easy and free meal.  Contego is known within the industry to provide these services to the highest of standards. Our on site technicians are trained in the needs and demands of landfill bird and pest control by our Managing director who is a specialist in this field. We have developed systems, reporting and programs that ensure individual site compliance and offer excellent return on site investment.



Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 

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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly.