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Michael Taylor

Michael has a wealth of experience in providing professional bird, pest control, and environmental services mainly to commercial clients across the UK.  Since starting the business in 2004, Michael has spearheaded its development into one of the leading providers of bird and pest control services in the UK. 


Michael's passion for animals, especially birds of prey, stems from his childhood where at the age of 11 he was introduced to the world of falconry. This is where his career really began! Even to this day, he is personally involved with falconry in the United Arab Emirates.


He combined his fascination with animals with his love for design, media and film which he was studying at college, when he accepted a role as an animal trainer and handler working for the Harry Potter franchise.



After leaving the role, he returned to the North East of England and started the business after identifying a gap in the bird and pest control market. 


Contego has gone from strength to strength and has continued to develop as Michael learned more about the business he loves and brought in industry experts to take the company forward. Contego now provides a range of support services aimed specifically at its target markets. 

Contego’s clients include construction companies, facilities management companies, and a wide range of blue-chip commercial companies. But no matter which client the company are working with, Michael’s aim has always been simple; to grow and develop the company by providing real solutions to the customer


His focus is very much on innovation, strategy, staff development and operations which will give Contego a sustainable, competitive advantage and create long-term positive working partnerships with clients. This has been and continues to be, his formula for success.

Managing Director
Norman Smith
Managing Director
Business Support Manager and Digital Marketing
Kirsty Taylor
Business Support Manager and Digital Marketing

Kirsty is the Business Support and Finance Manager at Contego. Her role involves overseeing the business support team and assisting the MD in his role. She is continuously working to refine and review our internal processes to ensure we can deliver the best service possible.

Kirsty started her career in retail while she was studying at college and quickly moved into a management role. Her retail/management experience led her to a business support position with a telecommunications company in her home town which allowed her to progress her business management and administration skills.


In 2008, she was keen to develop her management and falconry skills, so she joined Contego. Over the past 10 years, Kirsty has worked in all aspects of the business from operations management to providing falconry services, general pest control and internal auditing to check that client sites meet the BRC standard.



Kirsty has two children, and she works flexibly so she can enjoy family life. After the birth of her son, Kirsty returned to University and completed a Health and Social Care Foundation degree. She is currently completing her AAT level 2 certificate in accountancy.


Kirsty is also a volunteer 'Campaigns Ambassador' for Cancer Research UK. Kirsty lobbies local MPs for their support with current Cancer Research projects as part of this vital community role. She’s also an avid runner, and she raised money for the charity by completing her first Great North Run in 2017.

Business Development Manager
Andy Thompson
Business Development Manager

Andy Thompson is Contego’s Business Development Manager for the South West and South Wales.


His pest control story started at the age of 10 when he used to deal with rats and rabbits on farms for pocket money in and around the New Forest where he grew up. 


His commercial pest control career began in 1993, and in the 25 years that he’s worked in the industry, he’s dealt with almost every situation, from fumigating prison ships, to working in the Houses of Parliament to control and remove textile moths to prevent damage to priceless historic tapestries and furnishings.

During his career, he has specialised in many different areas of pest control including Bird Management & Deterrent Systems, Wildlife Management, Falconry, Habitat Management, and the more standard Pest Prevention programmes for Rodent and Insect infestations.


Andy has also worked in R&D with Exosect, a specialist pheromone development company, and has worked alongside the scientists behind the development of products being taken to market across Europe and the USA. This experience means that he brings with him some valuable knowledge about global pest control practices.

His many years in the industry have allowed him to witness many changes, many of them positive, like the recent introduction of the European Biocide Directive, which is completely re-shaping the way the pest control industry deals with rodent control. 


Andy’s philosophy on what makes any company successful is that the client should always come first, and the best outcomes are achieved for clients with a consultative and methodical approach to solving their problems.

Operations Manager
Paul Guthrie
Operations Manager

After 18 years in the waste industry, Paul joined Contego as Operations Manager in 2013.  Prior to this, he worked as General Manager looking after transport, sales and operations for 3 waste transfer stations as part of the clinical waste division of one of the UK’s largest waste management companies.

Although he’s new to the Pest Control Industry, Paul has embraced the new challenge he set himself by choosing to move away from the waste industry and has since passed his RSPH Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Rodenticides, further strengthening his pest control knowledge and skills.

Paul has a keen interest in all types of birds of prey and is a practicing falconer. He flies a Goshawk during the hunting season. This understanding of birds of prey, along with his management experience, allows Paul to play a very valuable role within the team here at Contego.

National Project Manager
Chris Smith
National Project Manager

Chris oversees small and large-scale job works as part of his role as project manager for Contego. This can be anything from pigeon guano cleans to
large-scale bird proofing work. 


His interest in pest control began when he was around 11 years old when he had to deal with a mouse in his home; with the help of his dad of course. From there, he went around farms, helping farmers control rat populations and then eventually started working in professional pest control. 


Since becoming a pest control professional in 2010, Chris has gradually worked his way up the career ladder. His career began when he started working as a pest control technician for a national pest control company in the North East of England. The experience he gained taught him how to deal with many different kinds of pests and about the treatments that were needed to eradicate them.

Chris then acquired his level 2 BPCA accredited certificate, which led to him becoming team leader of the bird- proofing team for the North of the UK. Chris was in this role for over 2 years, and during this time, he learned how to install every type of bird-proofing on the market. He also gained an IOSH Managing Safely certificate. 


His next role involved dealing with major rodent infestations for a wide variety of businesses. His main duties were completing detailed inspections of sites to understand the root cause of a pest problem, putting an action plan together, and then implementing it successfully. 


Before he joined Contego, Chris was an account manager for two major blue chip companies and the value of these contracts exceeded £1 million.

He’s delighted to be a part of the Contego team because his skills and values fit with ours. 


“Over the time I’ve been in pest control, I’ve experienced many different roles and I feel that this has given me a greater understanding of the industry. This helps me to deliver a high-quality professional service to all our customers.”

Pest Control Consultant- North
Vince Green
Pest Control Consultant- North

Vince joined Contego in October 2016 as a Pest Control Consultant, after having worked within the clinical waste industry for more than 15 years. Vince has a proven track record in assisting customers in the North of the UK covering the North East, North West, and Yorkshire.


From the age of 18, Vince joined the army where he worked in medical services for 11 years. On leaving the army, he started working in the sales and service industries. He has experience of working with clients both in the public and private sectors, specialising in medical equipment, medical services, and most recently the clinical waste industry.


This has given Vince the experience of working with clients to identify their needs and propose solutions which are both cost-effective and environmentally- friendly, which he’s brought to his role at Contego.

“I changed my industry career path so I could take on a new challenge and join an innovative, growing pest control company which was Contego. I’ve always been interested in this industry and I love that Contego is a company with a vision which allows me to utilise my skills and experience and offer clients the ideal solution to their problems.”


Office Manager
Angela Mason
Office Manager

After 32 years in the manufacturing industry and working my way up the ladder from being the office junior to the sales office manager, I was made redundant in 2014. This role involved travelling all over the world representing the company, visiting customers and attending exhibitions and trade missions.

Another part of my role was to do the purchasing for the company, and for this, I had to visit suppliers, both in the UK and internationally.


After my redundancy, I took a position working as a Finance Officer for a charity in the care industry. I then decided I wanted to get back into a sales office environment and I wanted a new challenge, so I joined Contego in May 2016. 

Angela continues to enjoy her varied role with Contego;


“Pest Control was new to me, and I have enjoyed gaining new knowledge in this industry and continue to do so each day. No two days are the same.”

Sales Manager
Steve Evans
Sales Manager

Steve’s pest control journey started 25 years ago when he worked as a technician for prestigious clients including Eton College, Oxford University and Windsor Royal Estates. 


He left the industry to explore other opportunities but returned just a few years later to work as a surveyor for one of the largest independent pest control companies in the UK. 


His client portfolio was extensive and he worked with retail outlets, national hotel chain, facilities management firms and multiple managing agents.


Steve is knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified to RSPH level 2. He has some impressive achievements under his belt too. He was involved in creating a formula for one of the most comprehensive and successful bed bug eradication treatments for a worldwide hotel chain. It was used at over 63 sites and was 100% successful; so successful in fact that it’s still being used to this day. 

Speaking of success, in his seven years with the pest control company, he was awarded surveyor of the year six years in a row, turning over in excess of £450,000 per year. When the company was taken over by one of the big players, Steve moved onto pastures new, and the majority of his clients moved with him. This is a testament to his philosophy that clients come first. He believes that business is not always a numbers game, it’s about how you treat the clients you have. 


Steve is as passionate about sports as he is about pest control, and he was a football manager and player at a semi-professional level. He admits that he has slowed down since the years have crept up and says he now prefers a round of golf or a bike ride along the beach where he lives.

He’s a team player, in business and life, and he says that being successful in business is all about relationships, “I have never considered myself to be a salesperson, just someone that likes to engage with people and listen to what their needs are, gathering information and then simply going back to them with a solution. I have never promised miracles but due to having honest and open working relationships with clients, I have always gained their trust so they have no need to look elsewhere.”

Technical Support Manager
Matt Smith
Technical Support Manager

Matt began his professional pest control journey in 2010 when he started his career with a national pest control service provider. His main role involved looking after the key account portfolio in the country’s largest airport. Over his career, he has concentrated on personal development so that he is confident in all aspects of the pest control business. 


Matt is dedicated to running the team on a day to day basis with a focus on giving all of our customers a 5-star service, and he says it’s all down to his passion for pest control.

Matt began his professional pest control journey in 2010 when he started his career with a national pest control service provider. His main role involved looking after the key account portfolio in the country’s largest airport. Over his career, he has concentrated on personal development so that he is confident in all aspects of the pest control business. 


Matt is dedicated to running the team on a day to day basis with a focus on giving all of our customers a 5-star service, and he says it’s all down to his passion for pest control.

“My Success in this industry is very much down to my genuine interest in pest control and my passion for the service we deliver.” 

Business Support Administrator
Laura Robson
Business Support Administrator

Laura joined Contego in early 2017. She wanted to get back into an administrative role after working in sales and support roles for a number of years. 

She worked in the mailroom industry for several years, selling franking machines and other mailroom equipment before a career change in 2011 meant a move back to Aberdeenshire, where she became Sales Executive for Land Rover. This had been Laura’s dream job from a young age. 


At Contego, Laura is working towards her GC NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration and she works with area managers across the country, assisting them with scheduling and daily management and support. Speaking of her role, she said;

"I am loving being back in an administration role. Pest control is something completely new to me, it’s so varied and I am gaining more knowledge of the industry every day.”

Area Manager: Scotland
Andy Swinton
Area Manager: Scotland

I have been involved in pest control since primary school. I grew up in the Scottish borders with friends who had farms, so hunting was a way of life for many years.


I joined the army, then when I left, I became a pest control technician and I’ve been in the industry and developing myself constantly for the last 12 years. 


I’ve always had a passion for working with animals and I trained my terrier in K9 scent detection, which we used successfully to detect bed bugs



Contego offered me the chance to work alongside some excellent falconers throughout the country, and to see man and animals working side by side is an amazing thing. 


My desire to progress in my career hasn’t waned, and I’m moving from an Area Manager Position to a Business Development Manager Scotland role, and I’m very much looking forward to a new challenge. 

I pride myself on having excellent all-round knowledge of the pest control industry. I’m RSPH level 2 trained, with a keen eye especially when It comes to eradicating rodents and insects.


I’ve been involved in dealing with some of the biggest infestations in Glasgow tenement buildings for German Cockroaches, as well as the eradication of huge amounts of rats with the use of terriers on farms.

Area Supervisor – Scotland
Sarah Calderwood
Area Supervisor – Scotland

Originally from Cornwall, I moved to Scotland in 2006 and have not looked back since. I have been involved with raptors since I was 16 and started by working at an exotic bird park in Cornwall when I left school. Progressing from pheasants and parrots up to birds of prey where I did falconry demonstrations. I was very fortunate to work for the Hawk Conservancy back in 1989 and carried out daily displays at a theme park in Berkshire. When I left this industry I pursued agriculture and gained a diploma at Duchy College and spent some 12 years in the dairy industry, but my passion for raptors was still strong and I got my first goshawk in this time.

I have done various jobs, selling bull semen to dairy and beef farmers in a telesales role as well as out on the road, a post lady, secretary for Strutt and Parker, Procurement in a local abattoir and a static falconer on a landfill.

For the last 6 years, I have worked within the pest control industry, where I started as a mobile falconer and progressed to team leader and Supervisor for North Scotland. I have gained my BPCA level 2 in pest control, I enjoy meeting different clients and being confronted with some more exotic pests which can prove challenging.

I enjoy working outside and meeting different people and I get great satisfaction when work I have carried out or supervised has exceeded clients expectations.

Apprentice Business Support Administrator
Ellie Davidson
Apprentice Business Support Administrator

Ellie is our Apprentice Business Support Administrator who joined the business in early 2018. After completing her GCSEs and leaving school she enrolled on a Business course at College. However, after a few months, she decided it wasn’t for her and she began to look at apprenticeships she could do to help her start her career. 



Ellie is progressing quickly with customer service and learning Contego’s systems whilst studying towards her Level 3 qualification in Business Administration. 


Speaking of her apprenticeship, she knows she has made the right choice;

“I’m really happy to have been given the opportunity at Contego to begin my working career with the apprenticeship and I’m learning a lot each day. “



Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 


Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly. 

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Thank you for contacting Contego. One of our team will be in contact shortly.